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If this space could talk, what's a memory it would share? I guess one of the first memories that would share it would share is that we have this patio, that's a beautiful kind of stone patio. And it's raised up off the ground probably about, about 18 inches, let's say, and there's no railing or anything around it. And it just kind of goes off into the grass and there's, um, there's some bushes like a bed, a garden bed, next to it also. And when we were first here, it was like probably the first day that we were here after we had moved in and my mom was here and Theo was three at the time and he was playing outside and he was by himself and Greg was like, "Oh, he's out there by himself! We can't let him be out there by himself!" And I said, "Oh my gosh, Greg, we cannot start this. We just moved from the city to the suburbs so that he could play outside by himself. He's fine. He's in the backyard. Nothing's gonna happen to him." [Laughs] And like 10 minutes later, we just hear this wailing, crying coming from outside. And he just didn't really understand yet, of the patio. And he just fell right off and took a header right into the garden bed and was crying. And he he had a big scratch on his forehead and a bruise and he's crying and everyone, you know, my mom and Greg went running to him and he was crying and crying and they were both really scared that he had a concussion and they were kind of asking him all these questions.

And I sort of knew that he was, he was pretty much okay. And, you know, I sat with him and I rocked him and stuff and he cried and cried and cried and, and they were sort of getting more and more concerned. And, and I was, I felt okay about it. And then we put it, you know, we put an ice pack on his head and stuff and he's still crying. And then I finally said, "Would a Popsicle make you feel better?" And he just immediately stopped crying and said, "Yes" that was it. And then he had a Popsicle and he was fine. And that was my test. So I feel like that was a good memory of sort of that, you know, it probably sort of got to know me as a mother immediately in that, that moment of, you know, the difference between me and Greg and our parenting styles and, and just the sort of family that we're going to be. I wonder if it's sort of knew then.

Kate, New Jersey

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