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Tim (who just moved), New York

I moved recently. I was in my old place for 13 years and I've been living in the new place for a little bit less than a year. And I feel like that transition was an important one. Space is very important to me, my habitat. I'm somebody who stays home a lot. So my habitat is very important to me. So I'm going to be talking a bit about both the old space and the new space, and I'll see where that leads me. The old space. When we moved in, I was in the midst of ruining a promising career with a...lack of focus. I'd made a lot of amazing connections and I was doing a lot of fun work, but I could never quite master the art of maintaining that focus for long enough to make anything actually happen. Being an introvert, I'm somebody who gets excited when the attention is on me.

And in the past, I've had a habit of finding that attention in often negative and somewhat destructive ways. The old place was a cache. It was culture cred. It was, a lovely apartment. It was a cheap rental. It had lots of space in a quiet building, in a prime Brooklyn neighborhood, every store in walking distance. Major transit hubs close by, sun drenched. That's one of the things I'm missing in this new space. There's one room that gets a lot of sun, but the old space had three rooms that just got lit up during the day. We made that old place beautiful, but in 13 years we also let it fall apart. It was rotten anyway. Like most of these old buildings, the insides are broken. I guess like some of us...or maybe just me. When we're young were more broken than not, I think. But this apartment, it was rotten on the inside. And after a while, when that inside, when that rotten interior matched...grew so big that it engulfed the exterior we had to leave.

And I'm sure that we left an impression there, on that space. It's seen what we've seen. Strange conversations flowing back and forth through time and space. Fights. Hell itself at times, but a lot of growth and a lot of love. It was where we became adults, I think. The new place has space. It has rooms. There's rooms to grow in, rooms to dream about, at this point. We know it's not a forever place, but it's a haven for now. It's hard's not strange... It's, it's not hard. It's strange. It's strange to think of a space as something that nourishes you, but I've felt more supported in my actual space since the move.

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